SEAL Pup - Scout - Teen: Summer Fitness Classes for Kids


SEAL Team Physical Training for Kids and Teens 2013 The SEAL Class in Richmond, Virginia is an outdoor fitness training for children ages 5 to 8 (SEAL Pup), ages 9 to 12 (SEAL Scout), and SEAL Teen. Summer training is Monday through Friday, 60-minutes per day for one week. SEAL Pup Class is fun and will help your child build confidence, team work, and leadership skills. If you keep fitness fun you are more likely to stick with it.  Click Here to Register

Training includes many of the team-building evolutions made famous by SEAL Team PT over the last 13 years of training here in Richmond. It's also a wonderful chance to build memories with photo opportunities including paddling boats, climbing obstacles as a team, and rope exercises. Make sure you bring a camera!

Class Specifics:

  -  For boys and girls ages 5 - 15
-  SEAL Pup (ages 5 - 8) 
-  SEAL Scout (ages 9 - 12)
  -  SEAL Teen (ages 13 - 15)
  -  Class size must have 30
  -  Members have the option of working out during the same time as the children
  -  Members may be called upon periodically to participate in training with the children
  -  Children age 12 and in great physical shape can choose to attend our Summer Teen class.
  -  Payment is necessary to confirm your registration.
  -  You can click here for the online registration form.
  -  All participants must show up hydrated and ready to go with running shoes, shorts and t-shirts.
  -  Participants should bring their own sunscreen as required.
  -  Make sure bathroom breaks are taken care of before and/or after class to avoid missing out on some fun training.
  -  All participants are required to bring water, sports drinks, etc. to each workout for re-hydrating after the workout.

Schedule: 2014 TBA
This program is offered during the summer months.
  -  SEAL Pup begins at 9:30am (1 Hour)
  -  SEAL Scout begins at 9:30am (1 Hour)
  -  SEAL Teen begins at 9:30am (1 Hour)
  -  Monday through Friday for 1-week

  -  $150 / child / week

Richmond Dates:

  -  August 5-9

These classes fill up fast so click Register Now and reserve a spot!

SEAL Team Physical Training - Summer Kid's Programs

SEAL Team Physical Training - Summer Kid's Programs

SEAL Team Physical Training - Summer Kid's Programs

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